Saturday, February 13, 2010


dress: zara, romper: f21

new fits~ it's hardly even weather yet for thin linens/silks like these but i managed to get some wear out of them this week already, and it was raining during 4 of those days, oho ho ho. i can layer like a japanese fruits decora girl on a mix of acids and strong depressants (to sober up the color palatte) aka LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS!! it involved the strong use of knit tights and overcoats but whatevs.

drove down to san francisco last weekend on a day trip because my diva sister demanded chinese dim sum and new years' baked goods, bought a box full of those little flan-like eggy tart things! i have no photographic evidence because that's how fast we ate them. skills!

oh right yeah yeah it'll be valentine's day, i am alone this year and will be eating my feelings OK what are you up to, have any plans etc etc

my plans will involve updating my resume to add "being a lonely cat lady" to skills ㅠㅠㅠ

Saturday, February 6, 2010

코코 샤네르~

sometimes i wish i would close my eyes at night and wake up hours later as a pristinely-kept 7-ft-tall woman with impeccable red lipstick and a fly 90s chiffon hairbun like this bitch (the scientific term is 'glamazoness' or is that redundant 'GLAMAZON')

and then in the middle of the night i wake up and check really quick just in case but no nope still this bitch