Monday, September 7, 2009


i can't even think straight right now. i can't even try to be witty. i am so tired sob. PHOTOS ONWARDS

(as always this is just a small pickings of photos, you can see everything on my flickr)

WEIRDEST JJAJJANGMYUN EVER! like the japanese take on the korean version of what is traditionally a chinese dish. with "chilled" noodles. so weirrddd

the last few photos (and first) were taken in my backyard, where we grow rosemary and cherry tomatoes and apparently squash even too, since last i came back home. my father transformed into a grandpa overnight/semester. i'm not even lying, there's a significant increase in sweatervests and bifocals-wearing. i feel guilty for it somehow

until next time (which should be very soon)