Wednesday, August 12, 2009


i need to update more! leaving new york in a week, it will be strange to post ~glamorous~ events and things from the city while i'm actually scratching my bum across the country in LA, pantsless, eating chips (not necessarily all at the same time natch. pants are the priority.)

two weeks ago i was at the m. ward show at central park!! part of the summerstage free shows. which appeals to my wallet. i am a RECESSIONISTICHISTASHARARARAHG

feasting on only the finest dishes

so i need to grow about another twenny inches if i ever want to become a concert photographer. TALL PEOPLE KEEP OPPRESSIN ME, IMMA FIGHT

i can't resist making these kind of photos every chance i get haha.

m. ward about to enter hyperdrive!!!!

i love it when artists sound even better than the record. i've previously only experienced this with spoon so far. need to get out there more!

this one's from a day spent walking around the meatpacking district with my extremely tall friend. i wish i was tall. i would go around and climb trees and pick cats out of them, and slam dunk things (cats!) into basketball hoops, just because i could.

my jerk friend ate the last R. like anyone would want to R her! (OK so that was the nerdiest thing i've done yet on this blog. many more to come, readers. we're going to have good times, you and i)

keepin it classy 24/7!